• Specialist Acupuncture Treatments for Pain Management & Control
  • Specialist Acupuncture Treatments for Pain Management & Control

  • Acupuncture Treatments for Pain Management Dublin 15 | Pain Relief Clinic  Blanchardstown, Carpenterstown, Castleknock, Coolmine

    For many individuals pain management and control is a constant never-ending battle. It is a fight that can leave you feeling exhausted, emotional and helpless. For some people there is a reason for their pain problem and feeling of discomfort but for many others pain can present without any apparent biological value or factor. If pain persists beyond the normal tissue healing time it can be described and characterized as chronic pain.

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  • Acupuncture is a complementary therapy that is being increasingly used in the day-to-day management and treatment of pain. Although acupuncture is not a "cure” for all pathologies it is proven to be an effective and successful treatment in treating and controlling chronic pain and other pain syndromes such as headaches; menstrual cramps and low back, neck, or muscle pain. It has been validated in helping manage ongoing chronic pain and pain associated with arthritis, facial pain, pain from shingles, and spastic colon and colitis conditions.

    Whilst many individuals have difficulty and struggle to understand how acupuncture works in reducing and relieving pain, some medical specialists and experts say the needles release and generate endorphins. These are pleasure-inducing, painkilling chemicals that saturate/change the brain and deaden pain signals. However it works, there is unanimous agreement from sufferers that their chronic pain episodes become less frequent and less intense over time, with regular, long-term acupuncture sessions.

    Pain is distressing and very subjective to each and every person affected. As an Acupuncturist we ascertain the treatment of pain formulated upon each individuals history. The very type - such as dull or sharp pain, site of pain and duration one has had to suffer, is all part of our diagnosis. Each treatment may be varied in comparison to a western methodology. In treating suffers at our Dublin pain clinic, for optimum results and control, we will look at a multi pain program. We generally offer a combination of traditional acupuncture with micro acupuncture and/or electrical nerve stimulation, moxa and/or Chinese cupping therapy, tailored to your each and every individual need.

    Our aim and objective is to help reduce and eliminate your pain. At our Dublin acupuncture clinic not only will an acupuncturist discuss your condition and medical history with you but we will also examine your tongue and your skin to help devise a plan specifically tailored to meet your individual needs.

    Acupuncture works by inserting very thin needles through the patient's skin at specific points on the body. The needles may be placed in the immediate area of the problem, or at distant sites in other parts of the body and then left for anywhere between 15 - 30 minutes. Most people feel no or minimal discomfort as the fine needles are gently placed.

    The pain specialists who refer to us generally recommend that patients get 6 treatments as close together as possible in order to initially decide if acupuncture is helpful for them. 

    ** Electrical Nerve Stimulation treatment is not suitable for patients with pace makers or patients who may be pregnant.

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  • Acupuncture Treatments for Pain Control & Relief - What The Pain Specialists Say

    "Acupuncture is excellent in suppressing people’s chronic pain — even more so than conventional pain treatment”

    "An acupuncture trial in four Melbourne emergency departments has discovered it is definitely as effective as drugs in alleviating lower-back pain and that from sprained ankles and migraines"

    "An global research collaboration, involving the University of York, has revealed that acupuncture is a successful treatment for chronic pain"

    "Acupuncture has shown efficacy in managing chronic pain"

  • Other Recommendations for Managing Chronic Pain

    • Take control of your stress

    Psychological and physical pains are directly linked, with consistent pain being recognised as contributing to extra levels of stress. Mastering how to manage with your stress in healthier ways can set you up to cope more successfully with your chronic pain. Eating well, getting enough sleep and participating in some physical activities are all excellent ways for you to deal with your stress and minimise chronic pain.

    • Reflect on your position constructively - Think Positive

    Positive thinking is a highly effective strategy. By concentrating on the developments you are achieving (i.e., the pain is significantly less today than the other day or you look and feel much better than you did a week ago) you can make a huge difference in your regarded comfort level.

    • Become active and involved.

    Side-tracking yourself from your pain by participating in activities you take pleasure in will help you identify the positive elements of your life. Distancing yourself from others builds a negative attitude and may lead to a perception of a higher sense of pain. Give consideration to finding a hobby or a leisure activity that makes you feel good and helps you touch base with family and friends.

    • Find support.

    Going through a continuous struggle of dealing with your pain can be exceedingly trying, specifically if you’re working at it alone. Get a hold of other individuals/ support groups who are in the same predicament and who can fully understand your highs and lows.

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