• Acupuncture Treatments and Therapies for Stress and Anxiety Relief – A Natural Cure
  • Acupuncture Treatments and Therapies for Stress and Anxiety Relief - A Natural Cure

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    Acupuncture therapy is an alternative natural health and wellbeing therapy option for those seeking a remedy from stress and anxiety.

    Almost everyone feels stressed, anxious, burdened or worried from time to time. Modern-day life is filled with frustrations, deadlines, demands and expectations. Whilst signs or symptoms of stress and anxiety disorders differ from person to person, for many people it can have you feeling like a lab rat on a treadmill. Worry, stress, troubled or anxious feelings can have a negative, damaging and lasting effect on the human anatomy in many ways. For some people the signs and symptoms of stress and anxiety will interrupt their sleep, ruin their day and leave them feeling overwhelmed and bogged down. For other individuals they might develop and experience physical signs such as mild to severe headaches, grinding their teeth, ulcers or stomach problems. Without a doubt, too much worrying and stressing and such symptoms do impact your body, your thoughts, your emotions, as well as your behaviour.

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  • The good news is acupuncture therapy and treatments can help to heal and alleviate those effects. As a valued and respected element of Traditional Chinese Medicine for many thousands of years, acupuncture therapy is these days becoming increasingly and progressively more popular in western society. It is known to focus and work on the meridian system much like a map.

    For people struggling and battling from stress and anxiety, put simply, acupuncture therapy and treatments work by unblocking the energy that flows and moves through meridian networks. It represents a very important, all-natural and safe treatment choice. Acupuncture is a drug-free way of restoring and rebuilding balance and stability to your body. It will assist you in attaining complete health and wellness.

    Stress, worry and anxiety affects males and females from all walks of life/ society and of all sorts of ages. At Dubin Acupuncture Rooms and clinic we understand the effect this may have on you. We're right here to listen and through the skill of acupuncture help assist, heal and restore your body to its natural health and wellness.

  • Recommended by Doctors - Acupuncture Treatments for Managing Stress and Anxiety

     "One of the multiple advantages of acupuncture is stress and anxiety relief."

    "Acupuncture has long been known to minimize the amounts of protein associated to stress."

    "An analysis of students who underwent a 20-minute acupuncture session were revealed to have less anxiety and improved memory straightaway when compared to those who didn't have any acupuncture."

    "Anxiety and worrying can be caused, in particular, by stress and stressors. Acupuncture is a safe and successful treatment that essentially addresses emotions of anxiety without the unwanted side effects of medication."

  • The Effects of Stress, Worry and Anxiety and their Symptoms

    The body can sometimes respond to the causes and symptoms of stress and anxiety by

    • Your blood pressure may rise
    • Your breathing can become more rapid
    • Your digestive system sometimes slows down
    • Your heart rate can rise
    • Your immune system becomes compromised
    • Your muscles become tense
    • You may find it difficult to sleep 
    • You may feel sad, irritable or restless
    • You may suffer from headaches and migraines

    However, it should be noted that what anxiety and stress is for one person, isn’t necessarily always the same for another.

  • Managing Stress and Anxiety Symptoms and Disorders

    We all react to stress and anxiety in different ways. However, if you believe the stress in your everyday life is out of control, it’s time to take action. Acupuncture is a healthy, safe and effective option in which we can aid you managing anxious thoughts and break free from worry.

    All medicines acknowledge and attempt to manage stress in some way; however, acupuncture centers on a holistic approach. It strives to treat stress from its roots. Generally speaking, acupuncture is accepted to activate the neurological system. It can trigger the production of neurochemical messenger molecules which influence the body's homeostatic mechanisms. By managing your feelings of stress and stressful situations through acupuncture, you are encouraging physical and emotional well-being in a natural way. Essentially what acupuncture does, is alter stress and anxiety hormones.

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  • The Benefits of Relaxation through the Art of Acupuncture

    When you become over overwhelmed by stressful situations, stressors or anxious thoughts, the nervous system of the body becomes flooded with chemicals that prepare you for "fight or flight."Although the bodies instinctive reaction to stressors and anxious thoughts can be life-saving in catastrophe situations, if over time they are continuously activated it will wear you down and leave you with a sensation of ill health and unwellness.

    No one can get away from the experience of stress entirely but we can learn as to how to manage such issues and create a relaxation response. A relaxation response or therapy such as acupuncture will procrastinate worry and take your body and mind back into a state of harmony, helping you achieve that feeling of happiness and health.

    With acupuncture when you unwind and feel relaxed the body responds by:

    • Your heart rate decreases
    • Your breathing becomes slower and deeper
    • Your blood pressure drops or stabilises
    • Your muscles become relaxed
    • Your body begins to heal

    Simultaneously your energy, motivation and productivity will increase.

  • Other Coping Mechanisms for Dealing with Stressors

    • Where possible distance yourself from the stressor
    • Reach out and don't be afraid to ask others for help
    • Learn how to say "no"
    • Practice relaxation exercises such as yoga and meditation, or progressive muscle relaxation therapy
    • Listen to music
  • Other Recommendations for Managing Stress & its Effect

    • Exercise regularly
    • Breathe Deep
    • Ensure you have a healthy diet
    • Make time for fun and engage socially
  • Testimonials

  • Highly recommended. I'm a fan! Professional, calm, and a place truly for healing.


  • I was experiencing real stress for the past month or so and made a decision to give acupuncture a shot. It was my first experience with acupuncture, and a great one. The acupuncture lasted about 40 minutes, with most of that time devoted to permitting the needles to do their magic. The ambience was calm and relaxing and I felt an alteration in my stress levels almost instantly. Without any doubt, I recommend trying it.


  • I really am grateful how they have helped me gain relief. Wonderfully relaxing.


  • Wise Old Sayings

  • Worrying will not take away tomorrows struggles; it takes away today's peace.
  • Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but does not get you anywhere.
  • Worrying is praying for what you don't want.
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