• Castleknock Acupuncture

  • Located just minutes from Castleknock Village Dublin 15, our Blanchardstown acupuncture clinic is ideal for those from the Castleknock and Carpenterstown community seeking a natural health therapy.

    Open six days a week and just a five minute drive from Castleknock Main Street, we treat all sorts of health complaints and disorders in both men and women from young to old; with our acupuncture services being tailored and made for today’s busy lifestyles.

    Acupuncture is an alternative health medicine practice originating in China. It is said that acupuncture treats patients by manipulating and unblocking the flow of “Qi” in the meridian channels of the body. We help patients with many difficult-to-treat conditions such as pain, infertility, hormone imbalance, sleep disorders, and many common stress-related symptoms.

    Allow your body to recover, repair and heal with our natural holistic acupuncture therapies.



  • Therapy Centre,
    Main Street,
    Dublin 15

    (085)725 6627

    There is ample car parking facilities all within walking distance.

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  • Our treatments are covered by these insurance companies: