• Electrical Nerve Stimulation
  • Electrical Nerve Stimulation

  • Our electrical nerve stimulation device is a small machine that stimulates muscles and nerves with electrical impulses. The unit sends low voltage impulses via electrodes which are attached to the skin or site of pain.

    Our electrical nerve stimulation unit was purchased from the United States to ensure we offer our patients the best there is. The unit is FDA approved.

    It helps to reduce pain and discomfort by sending bioelectrical signals to the central nervous system thus blocking pain receptors. When attached to our electrical nerve stimulation device you may feel a slight tingling sensation and experience some involuntary movements of the arms, legs or shoulders but it will not hurt. In fact, the electrical nerve stimulation unit promotes healing in the muscle by promoting increased blood flow to the site of pain.

    When turned on the strength and rate of electrical pulses will be altered and tailored to your individual needs. Most patients report immediate improvement following our acupuncture treatments when combined with electrical nerve stimulation treatment.

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