• Testimonials
  • Testimonials

  • After a car accident I have had chronic neck pain and began suffering from migraines. When I started with Aimee at the dublin acupuncture rooms I anticipated that I might get some relieve but was completely surprised that after my 6th treatment my neck that had hurt for the last 3 years straight was actually better and my migraines have become far less frequent. I intend to continue with acupuncture with Aimee to ensure I keep my progress up. Many thanks for all your help.


  • I was suffering badly with nasal congestion when a friend recommended I try acupuncture. At first I was curious and thought I would try one session. The day after my session with Aimee I felt much less congested. I continued on a treatment plan for one session a week for the next month and really began to feel so much better. I can’t believe the difference acupuncture has made to me. My only wish is that I tried it earlier.


  • I had been trying to conceive for over a year. After a few sessions of acupuncture it finally happened! I am overjoyed. Thank you!


  • I have had a nagging pain in my lower back for the past few months. My wife suggested I try acupuncture to relive the pain. I must admit I was not expecting the results that followed. I feel like a completely new person. That nagging pain is gone! Many thanks for your great help.


  • "I received acupuncture and cupping for a shoulder injury Iv had for a few years. The atmosphere was lovely and calm. The treatment was very relaxing and the results were immediate. It was great to be pain free and taking no meds. Would definitely recommend. Lovely and calm atmosphere. Aimeé was nice to deal with, she was very thorough with my treatment and explained everything she was going to do. Everything was relaxed and calm and added to the experience."


  • Highly recommended. I'm a fan! Professional, calm, and a place truly for healing.


  • I was suffering bad with carpal tunnel syndrome during my pregnancy. Aimee really helped relieve the pain and discomfort. I noticed the difference immediately. Thank you.


  • I have been in two car accidents over the years which have destroyed my lower back. I would say the pain has always nagged at me since the last accident a year ago. Then out of the blue last Monday I woke up with the worst flair up imaginable. I took pain killers all day while at work but I was still in a lot of pain. I was so bad I went to my GP after work. She examined me but could offer me no explanation for my pain. She recommended I try some acupuncture to see if it would help. I have had acupuncture before but Dublin Acupuncture Rooms take a slightly different approach. They combined traditional acupuncture therapy with moxa and a session of a pain pod. It was amazing!!! I had instant relief . I honestly wasn't expecting to get as much relief after one session. I had the best night sleep since I can remember. I have booked another session as maintenance. I can't believe the relief I got and how quickly I noticed it. Many thanks, for all your help.


  • I really am grateful how they have helped me gain relief. Wonderfully relaxing.


  • I was feeling really stressed for the past month or so and decided to give acupuncture a try. It was my first experience with acupuncture, and a great one. The acupuncture lasted about 40 minutes, with most of that time spent allowing the needles to do their magic. The atmosphere was calm and relaxing and I felt an improvement in my stress levels almost immediately. Definitely recommend trying it.


  • I have experienced major lower back pain since my early teens. I have tried Physio therapy, physical therapy & Chiropractic interventions. All produced limited results. After many years of considerable back pain and frustration I decided I would try Acupuncture. Since my first visit with Aimee, I started to get a reduction in my almost near constant back pain. I decided I would try a few more sessions and I am delighted to report that I am at last getting better. I have more energy and my pain has greatly reduced. Thank you for giving me my life back!


  • Thank you. We wouldn't be here without you.


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